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enter on websites or distribute via websites any content that is contrary to positive regulations, including but not limited to harmful, threatening, harassing, vulgar, pornographic content, content that spreads hatred and racial intolerance, content that violates the rights of others and interests and the like;

change, delete or destroy any data on the website;

use the website to violate the rights of third parties, including for violating the privacy, intellectual property rights or other rights or interests of third parties;

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Documents, data and information published on the website may not be reproduced, distributed or used in any way for commercial purposes without the express consent of Vesna Loborika d.o.o. or in any way that can cause damage to Vesna Loborika d.o.o. or to any third party. Documents, data and information published on these websites can only be used for the individual needs of the user, while respecting all copyright and ownership rights and the rights of third parties.

By using the content of these websites, the user accepts (i) all risks arising from the use of the website and accepts (ii) to use the content of the website exclusively for personal use and at his own risk. The company Vesna Loborika d.o.o. fully disclaims any responsibility (i) that may in any way arise from, or is in any way related to, the use of the website, (ii) for any user actions by using or abusing the content of the website, and for (iii) any damage that may occur to the user or any third party in connection with the use or misuse of the website content.

Websites also contain documents, data, information as well as links (“links”) to other Internet pages created by third parties, which, to the extent necessary and possible, will be marked as such. The company Vesna Loborika d.o.o. has no control over said documents, data, information or other websites at all and fully disclaims all responsibility, including but not limited to the accuracy, completeness and availability of content on websites created by third parties. The company Vesna Loborika d.o.o. disclaims any responsibility for any content displayed on such third-party sites, as well as for any products or services acquired through such third-party sites. It will not be considered that such third parties are in any way connected with the company Vesna Loborika d.o.o. just because of the link to the website.

The company Vesna Loborika d.o.o. reserves the right to change the content of the web pages, the right to terminate the web pages, and the right to restrict access to the web pages, all without notice, and will not be responsible for any possible consequences resulting from such changes, termination or restriction.

The company Vesna Loborika d.o.o. will not be responsible for any possible consequences resulting from the unavailability of websites due to any technical reasons.

The company Vesna Loborika d.o.o. reserves the right to change the prices of its products.

The company Vesna Loborika d.o.o. reserves the right to prevent access to websites from IP addresses, (that is, users) from which actions contrary to these General Terms and Conditions are carried out, and will not bear any responsibility on this basis.

The company Vesna Loborika d.o.o. in no way is it liable to users for the costs incurred by using computer equipment and telecommunications systems to access websites and the webshop service.


The user accepts that the entire content of the website is the exclusive property of Vesna Loborika d.o.o. or its authorized representatives.

By using the web pages, the user is granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to use the content of the web pages in such a way that they are viewed for personal purposes.

For the avoidance of doubt, the company Vesna Loborika d.o.o. expressly reserves and does not transfer to the user any other rights in relation to the content of the web pages, and prohibits the use of the content of the web pages, except as determined by these General Terms and Conditions and as possibly permitted by the instructions on the web pages themselves.

In particular, the user has no right to download, reproduce, change, edit, distribute, display, delete, send, sell, resell, adapt, change the content, create derivatives, include in other Internet pages or media or use in any way except for personal purposes for home use.

If this is expressly allowed on the website, the user will have the right to download certain contents. In such a case, the user undertakes to use such content exclusively for personal use, and to fully comply with the provisions of these General Conditions in relation to such content.

By placing data, including photos, (“upload”) on the website by the user, they become the exclusive property of Vesna Loborika d.o.o.


The company Vesna Loborika d.o.o. is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the registered user and third parties:

due to unauthorized use of username and password or is related to such use,

in connection with the use or misuse of the webshop service, if the damage in question was not caused by the fault of the company Vesna Loborika d.o.o.

The company Vesna Loborika d.o.o. is not responsible for any damage that may occur due to the interruption of the Internet connection when using the webshop service.

The provisions of the current Law on Electronic Commerce and other laws related to the provision and use of the webshop service will be applied to the use of the webshop service.


The company Vesna Loborika d.o.o. reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions without prior notice. Registered users are obliged to check the applicable General Conditions every time they use the web pages, and especially the webshop services. The applicable general conditions will be published on the website.

For the use of the webshop service, the general conditions in force at the time of receipt of the price for the ordered product are valid.

All disputes that may arise based on these general conditions will be resolved before the competent court in Zadar.

The documents published on this website may be copied only for non-commercial purposes and for individual use only and with respect to all copyrights, other proprietary rights and any stated restrictions on rights.

Delivery conditions


Product delivery is possible within the territory of the Republic of Croatia and European countries.

After the company Vesna Loborika registers the order (no later than within 48 hours of the product order by the registered user, which applies only if such a deadline expires during a working day in the Republic of Croatia, and does not apply to non-working days), the registered user will receive the products be delivered within:

free delivery Rijeka and western Istria – within 6 working days,
up to 5 working days for the continental part of the Republic of Croatia,
up to 7 working days for the island area,
free delivery Zagreb, Cres and Lošinj – within 11 working days.

If for any reason the user was not available via the contact number he left, the Vesna Loborika company is not responsible for extending the aforementioned delivery dates.

The order will be delivered to the user at the delivery address, and if the user is not at the delivery address:

he will be left a message with a number he can contact or
products can be picked up by another person (adult member of the household, authorized person by the registered user) upon presentation of a personal identification document.

When picking up the shipment, the registered user is obliged to inspect it, report any visible damage directly to the delivery person, and refuse to receive the damaged shipment. By signing the delivery note and receiving the invoice, the registered user confirms that he inspected the product when taking it over.

If the registered user refuses to receive the shipment due to established and visible damage to the transport packaging, he is obliged to fill out the appropriate form of the delivery service, and notify Vesna Loborika via email or telephone via the user instructions on the web shop pages and declare whether he wants a repeat delivery or refund. Upon receipt of the advertised shipment and the appropriate form, the company Vesna Loborika undertakes to make a repeat delivery within the next 15 working days if it is a product that is in stock, and if the same product needs to be ordered from the supplier, the specified deadline is extended by the delivery deadline by the supplier, without additional costs for the user or refund, all in accordance with the request of the registered user.

If the registered user does not take over the product or refuses to take over the product without a valid reason, the company Vesna Loborika reserves the right to demand reimbursement of the incurred costs.


The shipping price for the Republic of Croatia and the EU is specified when creating the order, depending on the weight.

Free shipping is only valid for delivery to the areas indicated when creating the order.

Terms of sale
VESNA LABORIKA d.o.o. limited liability company for agriculture, trade, catering and services in tourism
Phone: +385913386902
Address: Loborika 31, 52206, Marčana
OIB: 30284727414
MB: 05736919
Board members: Fuma Grubešić and Tone Grubešić

IBAN: HR4923400091111225624 (PBZ)

These terms of sale define the procedure for ordering, paying, delivering and returning or complaining about the goods offered on our website. The supplier (Seller) of the products offered in the Vesna Loborika web store (hereinafter referred to as “goods”) is Vesna Loborika d.o.o., and the Buyer of the goods is a visitor to the online catalog who selects at least one product, fills out the electronic order form and sends it to the Seller.

The goods are ordered by electronic form and by telephone. The customer must fill in the Profile with basic data for billing and delivery of the desired products and will be notified by e-mail about the completed order. After selecting a product, you can click on its details and find out everything about it and take a closer look at it, and if you want to buy it, just click on the shopping cart and it will immediately be in it. You can choose quantities in the shopping cart, as well as cancel the purchase. Your shopping cart is visible and accessible at all times, and you can calmly continue browsing our storefront. After shopping, return to the shopping cart and select “complete order”. Notification of a successfully completed purchase will be sent to your e-mail address.

Payment can be made in the following ways:

Payment by credit card through the KEKS pay application.

Internet banking
When choosing this payment method, you will receive an order confirmation with all the information required for payment to your e-mail address. You can then make the payment using internet banking or the way you normally pay your bills – through the bank, post office, Fine, etc. Upon receipt of the payment, we will send you the ordered items.

I’ll take it
Payment is made when taking over the goods, and is paid to the delivery person. Cash on delivery is valid only for delivery addresses in Croatia.

When picking up at the office at Loborika 31, 52206 Marčana

According to a special regulation of the European Union, from February 15, 2016, it will be possible to resolve disputes related to online purchases throughout the EU via the ODR platform, which you can access here. This means that if you encounter a problem during an online purchase within the EU (defective product, inability to exchange the product, etc.), you can submit your complaint in a faster and simpler way at the above link. The platform can be used by both consumers and traders, and complaints can be submitted in any of the 23 official languages of the EU.