Extra virgin olive oil

Our latest product is the premium extra virgin olive oil “Ča”. Although the product can be found on the shelves of our stores only recently, our links with the tradition of oil production go back to the 19th century, to be precise in the long-ago year 1892, when great-grandfather Rici planted the first olive trees.

Following his passion for olive growing, Vesna’s son Tone decided to pave the way for oil production and profile it as a top quality product, as evidenced by numerous awards from prestigious international competitions.

The olive grove consists of 1250 olive trees among which several autochthonous Istrian varieties can be found. We have moved the harvesting period from late November to early October in order to get oil with high levels of antioxidants, as well as with fresh aroma and strong flavour.

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  • Blend

    Blend is a mixture of several olive varieties – Istrian bjelica, buža, leccino, pendolino and picholine. The varieties were carefully chosen to reach a harmony of smell and flavor.

    11,90 29,50 
  • Buža

    Buža olive oil, obtained from the autochthonous Istrian variety of the same name, has a fruity taste with balanced notes of herbs and freshly cut grass.

    18,80 30,20 
  • Istrian Bjelica

    Our Istarska Bjelica oil has won multiple awards, with gold medals from the most prestigious international competitions.

    15,90 24,80 
  • Leccino

    The single-variety oil Leccino is characterized by both grassy and floral aromas, such as green banana, freshly cut grass and pineapple.

    11,90 20,20