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  • Buža

    Cow cheese with olives is characterized by a mild taste with a slightly sour note due to olive fruit pieces.

  • Karig

    Crowned a winner in many competitions, this aged cheese is intense and full-bodied in taste.

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  • Kozlić

    Kozlić is a goat cheese that ripens for 5 months. It is characterized by a light white color and sweet flavor.

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  • Mixed cheese

    In addition to its consistent texture, the aromatic and flavorsome balance of sheep and cow milk makes it a top choice for a wide range of our buyers.

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  • Pegula

    The gold-award winning hard cheese Pegula is a mixture of goat, sheep and cow milk.

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  • Pepo

    Cow cheese with green pepper is a delight for your palate. A 2-month long ripening process creates a soft and consistent texture.

  • Rici

    This hard cow cheese is characterized by a pleasant aroma and flavorsome and lingering taste which works wonders when paired with meat platters and red wine.

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  • Tuffo

    The subtle flavor of cow cheese accentuates the black truffle taste, which makes it an excellent choice for truffle lovers.

  • Vesna’s cow cheese

    This cheese is made from whole fat cow milk from local Istrian pastures. Its subtle aroma, mild saltiness and softness give it a unique flavor.

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  • Young cow cheese

    Due to its supple texture and mild saltiness, Vesna’s young cheese pairs perfectly with salty dishes, especially sandwiches.

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