Vesna Loborika

Welcome to Vesna Loborika – your destination for premium cheeses and dairy products from a small but world-award-winning cheese farm! With more than twenty years of experience, we proudly present our offer.

Explore our diverse range of cheeses, some of which have won prestigious world awards, and each of them tells its own story and brings a touch of Istria to your table.


Take a look at the web shop with Vesna's premium cheeses and fresh dairy products that are a combination of premium quality and traditional recipes. Discover award-winning flavors that take you on a journey through Istria. Take a look at our diverse offer and be delighted by the authentic flavors.


For a complete experience, we present to you the extra virgin olive oil Ča, crowned with numerous awards, with a superb taste that perfectly complements our story.

Where to buy

Visit us in Vesna’s stores, where we will be happy to provide you with advice and information about our products.

Bistro pizzeria

Enjoy exclusive dishes in the Vesna restaurant, where the quality of cheese meets masterfully prepared dishes.

Fast delivery

Order your favorite Vesna products that arrive directly from the cheese factory to your doorstep. Simple and fast!

Partner stores

To make them as accessible as possible, find Vesna products in selected stores.

  • Tuffo

    The subtle flavor of cow cheese accentuates the black truffle taste, which makes it an excellent choice for truffle lovers.

  • Vesna’s cow cheese

    This cheese is made from whole fat cow milk from local Istrian pastures. Its subtle aroma, mild saltiness and softness give it a unique flavor.

    5,06 9,21 
  • Pegula

    The gold-award winning hard cheese Pegula is a mixture of goat, sheep and cow milk.

    13,53 20,50 
  • Rici

    This hard cow cheese is characterized by a pleasant aroma and flavorsome and lingering taste which works wonders when paired with meat platters and red wine.

    8,50 15,45 
  • Karig

    Crowned a winner in many competitions, this aged cheese is intense and full-bodied in taste.

    9,52 14,42 
  • Istrian Bjelica

    Our Istarska Bjelica oil has won multiple awards, with gold medals from the most prestigious international competitions.

    15,90 24,80 

Bistro Pizzeria

Vesna’s bistro-pizzeria is located in Loborika, only 50 meters from our cheese shop. In order to bring our products closer to our customers, as well as to all cheese lovers, we started combining cheeses with numerous traditional Istrian dishes.

In the restaurant, everyone can find something for themselves: from various types of handmade traditional Istrian pasta and risotto, seafood and meat flavors, to well-known pizzas, which you must enhance with our top quality extra virgin olive oils.


Our motto is “Fameja za bankon” – family at the table, and the whole family is involved in the work of Vesna Loborika. We follow a traditional recipe that has been integrated into the modern processes of our modernly equipped cheese factory.

We started our story by selling cheeses at the Pula market, and today we are proud of winning world awards, including second place at the World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin, USA for Pegula cheese.

Throughout all twenty years, our customers are the most important to us, and we strive to provide top quality and safety.